Mixtape: Burberry, Music of The Trench

Burberry-campaign-10As one of British oldest fashion luxury house, Burberry constantly proves fashion is not only a matter of producing top-notch clothes but also creating an image which is well-suited with the house’s classical history without overlooking current trends. By fusing music and fashion, Burberry develops the spirit of their iconic trench coat. 

Growing up listening to Japanese music rather than Western, I was starting to discover and learn about Western music when I was in college. Given music of 21th century is dominated by pop and hip-hop which are not my cup of tea, exploring playlists on 8tracks and listening to movie soundtracks have been my secrets in finding new jams. There’s another secret, though: watching fashion shows.

At first, I found it surprising. Like most of common people, I once believed fashion show was only about ‘walking clothes’ which is not completely false either. However, as I read on TheFashionSpot forum, making a good fashion show, which creates an appropriate vibe to showcase their collection, actually not only relies on the clothes design itself, but also other elements they have chosen, and one of those elements is music. Burberry, as one of huge fashion houses alongside Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes, shows that they always try to represent their British pride in each element of their show featuring British models, spirit, style, and of course music.

In the light of the opening of their latest flagship store in Shanghai, Burberry held a super gigantic fashion show in 2014 with an enormous amount of perfection which simply becomes one of my favorites. The show was split into seven chapters featuring live music performances by British singers, such as George Ezra, Ed Harcourt, and 2015 Brit Awards winner Paloma Faith. An audience of 1,500 guests including Hong Kong famous names, such as Angelababy, Vicky Zhao, and Xia Yu, were captivated by a beautiful visual performance introducing Burberry make-up, an umbrella dance of people wearing the house’s iconic trench coat, and the walk of British-Chinese models led by Cara Delevingne.

Actually, under the helm of their current creative director and CEO Christopher Bailey, the house has started to embrace music as one of their identity since 2010 by releasing a project called Burberry Acoustic, a live acoustic session videos shared on Burberry’s official Youtube channel which features young and new British bands. This move seems very useful for the featured musicians since James Bay, whose one of his debut singles performed  in Burberry Acoustic back in April 2014, now ranks 15 in US most prestigious album chart, Billboard 200. So if you’re lucky enough, you will not only find new clothes or make-up to buy on Burberry’s channel, but also a new artist to follow.

As Burberry’s secret admirer since 2013, I curated some songs from all of their streamable shows into an 8tracks playlist. Including other British musicians, such as Marina and The Diamonds, RHODES, and Birdy, this ‘mixtape’ is made as a stater-pack for you who just get interested in learning the music of Burberry and British.


  1. Lilac Wine – Clare Maguire
  2. I Put a Spell on You (feat. Joss Stone) – Jeff Beck
  3. When We Were on Fire – James Bay
  4. Benjamin Twine – George Ezra
  5. Come Closer – Miles Kane
  6. To Build a Home –  The Cinematic Orchestra

And others with total 20 songs.


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